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Your partner for complex full-stack software development projects.

Experienced Engineers and Technologists to Guide Custom Software Projects

A New Perspective on Software Challenges

Founded in 2014 by Stephan Marcotte, Inverness Park was built to bring engineering power to inhouse teams that need an expert view with a full-stack perspective. Using state-of-the-art tools and technologies and decades of experience, we help inhouse engineering teams solve their most complex technical challenges.

Why? We saw a need for a full-stack software development company that could bring real, trusted expertise to a project. This level of on-demand expertise can be hard to find in a market full of project outsourcing and low-cost contractors who can program, but aren’t able to consult on or deliver a complete solution.

Stephan Marcotte, Founder,

Inverness Park

Meet Our Leadership

Stephan is the founder of Inverness Park Consulting, a small consulting firm based in Calgary (Canada) whose customers range from small technology startups to large multinational corporations.

Stephan has held technical leadership positions in a variety of industries – Telecom, Med Tech, Mining Tech, Mill Automation and Consumer Electronics to name a few.

A consummate and highly analytical software engineer, Stephan has spent over 25 years solving complex problems that often require unconventional solutions. Through Inverness Park, Stephan brings together talented software experts to provide:

  •  Full Stack software development
  •  Distributed, embedded and cloud-based system design
  •  Short- and long-term roadmap planning; i.e. the “20,000ft view”

Specific Domain Knowledge

What Makes Inverness Park Software Development Different?

  • Top experts are involved from beginning to end, regardless of the size of your project.
  • Fixed-rate project costs based on the scope of work you approve (hourly available upon request).
  • Option for long-term support with a flexible retainer model.
  • All work is guaranteed, backed by a 90-day warranty.

Our Services

From new product development to legacy system modernization, our full-stack software expertise helps fill the gaps where your team needs technical help the most.

Our Approach

Using agile, customer-first principles and test-driven development allow us to adapt to new requirements and processes.

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