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Case Study: Sensor Monitoring Equipment for Heavy Machinery


A small technology company that built and installed sensor monitoring equipment on heavy machinery needed a way to accelerate and scale up their quality assurance process.

Each production assembly possessed hundreds of I/O, with matching internal cabling. A single technician would take two weeks for perform a complete hardware QA cycle.  

Not only did the customer need to automate and scale up, they needed to reduce human error during QA and free up their technical team to work on higher-priority activities.

Why Inverness Park?

This industrial technology company chose Inverness Park because we could deliver a turn-key solution that would reduce the QA cycle from 5 weeks to under 5 minutes.

Our Solution

We designed a testing platform where each production unit could be hooked up to a test jig, and every I/O would be validated for continuity, input/output logic and resiliency against crosstalk.

We proposed a solution that included both hardware and software components. The hardware component used a PLC to perform low level I/O when connected to a production unit.

The software component would implement the business logic:

  • Repeatable, automated I/O tests.
  • Ability to produce test reports.
  • Ability to configure various test profiles for different products.
  • “Click and walk-away” user experience.


We successfully demonstrated a complete QA cycle, which took less than two minutes to complete. The scope of application has also evolved to include RMAs, allowing the customer to verify defective units as soon as they are returned.

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