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Mining Companies Turn to Inverness Park for Engineering Support

Our in-house experts have distinguished themselves in bleeding-edge mining tech projects with deep knowledge of how to design for the unique set of challenges in the mining industry.

  • Telemetry acquisition and visualization
  • Proximity awareness systems in open pit mines
  • Drill monitoring and navigation
  • Migration of legacy systems to cloud services
  • Edge computing in wireless environments

Case Study: Extension of Mining Technology Inhouse Team


A mining technology company needed additional engineering support and didn’t have much luck recruiting from leading universities or trying to poach hires from competing companies. The inhouse team was made up of highly competent R&D experts who needed an equally qualified engineer to support them.

Why Inverness Park?

The mining technology company chose Inverness Park due to our prior experience in mining technology and flexibility to support the inhouse team in achieving their goals without distractions.

Our Solution

We selected our most senior engineer to spend the first few months embedded within the customer’s inhouse team. During this period, our engineer would learn about the build systems in use and when documentation was absent (which it often is), would reverse engineer the knowledge from the existing source code.

We proposed a limited contract for the initial integration period. If the customer was satisfied after that, we would discuss a longer-term engagement.


We successfully demonstrated our ability to integrate and become “part of the team” and have remained so for the last three years, and counting. Our technical proficiency, competitive rates and flexible contracts have allowed our customer to take on more ambitious R&D projects.

Case Study Follow Up

Since the original prototype was demonstrated, the customer has continued to engage Inverness Park. The original prototype has had numerous functionality upgrades to accommodate evolving business objectives.

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