IoT Systems Development

Use the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect devices and collect data insights. 

IoT Software Development for IoT Devices

We help technology companies connect devices using the IoT to optimize data collection in the cloud for advanced analysis or real-time monitoring.

  • Create or add functionality to the IoT device
  • Create communication mechanisms to securely connect IoT devices with remote application services
  • Create or add functionality to the remote services (cloud or on-premises) that help process the data generated by devices
  • Develop mobile apps that can interact with devices and/or remote services

IoT Software Development Services

1. Define

First, we help define how to optimize your device based on the IoT platform you have selected. What functionalities, communication mechanisms or mobile apps need to be created or improved?

2. Develop

Next, we finalize the structural and behavioral details based on the IoT operating system and/or development environment you have chosen.

  • IoT Devices: Write software to support data collection and transmission
  • IoT Edge Gateway: Edge analytics, data-preprocessing, cloud connectivity management
  • IoT Cloud Services: True cloud applications or on-premises deployment

3. Deliver

Finally, we deploy and deliver the IoT system along with all documentation and ongoing support. All work is backed by a 90-day warranty.

Agile Methodology

Developing technology is hard and to get the best results, the engineering team must be able to adapt as the business requirements become clearer.

Healthcare Monitoring IoT Device Development Case Study

A healthcare technology startup needed to create a new product to capture patient biometrics wirelessly in order to improve patient monitoring in hospitals.

Open-pit Drill System Modernization Case Study

An established drilling and blasting technology company had deployed thousands of drill monitoring systems to mines across the globe and needed help updating these outdated IoT systems in order to continue supporting customers.


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