New Product Development

Turn ideas into tangible products with a software development partner.

New Product and App Development for Startups and Enterprises

We provide complete end-to-end support for product lifecycles, whether you are developing a new prototype or digitally transforming a product offering with new software R&D.

  • Develop a new prototype for your startup
  • Develop new software and perform product R&D for your enterprise
  • Digitally transform a product offering
  • Support the product lifecycle

New Software Product Development Services

1. Define

First, we map out the new product plan with a high-level preliminary design. We define the end user flow and how all the components come together and interact using a range of exercises and diagrams.

2. Develop

Next, we finalize the structural and behavioral details in order to implement the product using a variety of strategies.

Technology stack: Java, Kotlin, .Net, C#, C, C++, Linux, Android, Android NDK, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, SQLite, MongoDB and more.

3. Deliver

Finally, we deploy and deliver the new product along with all documentation and ongoing support. All work is backed by a 90-day warranty.

Agile Methodology

Developing technology is hard and to get the best results, the engineering team must be able to adapt as the business requirements become clearer.

Healthcare Monitoring IoT Device Development Case Study

A healthcare technology startup needed to create a new product to capture patient biometrics wirelessly in order to improve patient monitoring in hospitals.

New Product Development Project Highlights

  • End-to-end encryption of patient vitals
  • Real-time streaming of patient vitals over the Internet
  • Android tablet-based vitals captured throughout a hospital
  • Remote monitoring via a cloud-based IoT platform


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